Tuesday, June 20, 2017

May One Second Everyday... And MUCH more to come!

We've been super busy during this short Summer break, hence my lack of posts.  I'm working hard to finish up all our photos and videos and promise many more adventures to come!

For now, enjoy one second everyday of our month of May:

Friday, May 12, 2017

April One Second Everyday

And our April according to my Instagram feed

Girls Trip to the Lake

Ever since we bought the lake house I've been talking to my friends about a trip up for a relaxing and fun girls weekend.  It's been near to impossible to find a weekend that works for everyone, so I just decided to bite the bullet and pick a date. I told those that could make it great, and if you couldn't we'd do it again soon.

After a busy Spring, the small group was nice and we had a great time at Flat Creek winery sipping mimosas, playing spades on the patio and soaking in Devils Cove among bachelor/bachelorette parties, and boats that were full of people far younger than us.  

We dubbed ourselves the Mom's of the Lake - and I have to admit we got more than a few comments/compliments on our set-up.  We even had cucumber tea sandwiches in that floating cooler. It doesn't get much older or more Mom than that ;)

Thanks to our sweet husbands for holding down the forts - can't wait to do it again girls!

1st Grade Oil Ranch Field Trip

A week ago I had the pleasure of accompanying Islas first grade class to the Texas Oil Ranch.  It was so much fun to see my baby girl in her element and we had a great day.

Since so many people sign up to chaperone, each parent was only responsible for two kids (their own and one more).

This was a win - win for me as I was able to be in the moment and really enjoy our day as well as capture some of the memories on camera.

Isla was paired up with one of her best friends, Avery Grace and the two had a blast bouncing around from one activity to the next and meeting up with other friends along the way.

In the past seven years I've been to my fair share of these types of farms.  They each have petting zoos, train rides, bounce-o-lines, etc... But this one was by far my favorite in the Houston area.

there was some obvious excitement when this little guy managed to escape

Due to a scheduling mistake by the school, these tired kiddos had Field Day all day the next day at school.  I think it's safe to assume that they all slept as good that weekend as Isla did.

Isla is very aware of me and my actions when I drop her off at school, if I dare tell her goodbye, or god forbid say that I love her in front of her friends she informs me I'm embarrassing her, and quickly stalks off.  However, field trips seem to fall into that special category where I'm her most favorite person ever and she doesn't want to leave my side.  I know it won't last forever, but I'm gonna soak that up for as long as I can.  It really was a great day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mimi + Texas = FUN

A couple weeks ago Mimi came to spend 6 days with us.  As usual, we had a lot planned, but also tried to build in a lot of planned relaxation.  The result was perfect and I think made for a great trip/visit for us all.

One of the highlights of the visit was a trip up to the lake.  Because of bad weather the last time she was here, we weren't able to go up, so this was her first time seeing Lake Travis and Austin.

Unfortunately, the weather was not perfect this time either (very unseasonably cold), but we made the best of it and stuck to our plans.

We even took a boat out, and when the very windy and very cold boat ride ended in a stalled boat, we tried not to lose our cool, and made the best of it.

On the plus side, the lack of swimming and time we had just sitting out on the lake gave me a chance to use my DSLR camera on the boat, which up until this point I hadn't been able to do.

Of course the kids were predictably just along for the ride, and the stalled boat didn't really phase them in the least.  Holden was more interested in throwing our fishing reels over the side of the boat while Isla posed for pictures.

After what had to have been the fifth time Jordan jumped in to move the boat away from the shore, we were all starting to lose patience.  Luckily, my persistence worked and at that moment I was able to get the boat to start and we hightailed it out of there.

We spent the evening with well deserved margaritas and greasy Mexican food.

The next morning Jordan and Isla tried their hand at fishing.  After the kids played with the reel the day before, the line was not surprisingly super tangled, but after some work we were able to get it to where you could cast and reel a line back in.

This however didn't mean that we were going to actually reel in any fish.  Either the strong wind, or the very loud party boat right next to our fishing spot scared any potential catches away.

They'll be back at it again soon enough.  Isla kept saying how much she enjoyed it, and that "it isn't  even boring at all".

Even though she didn't want me there, watching her and her Daddy was a sweet moment for me too.

We had such a wonderful time with Mimi both in Katy and up at the lake - however, I think it's safe to say Holden's favorite moment was getting ice cream.

Even though Mimi kept asking to share, and he really didn't want to...

We know its not easy to travel, and we really appreciate all you do for us Mimi!  We hope you had as much fun on your trip as we did!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Easter Weekend


I feel like I'm still getting over this past weekend.  Between birthday parties, and Easter weekend festivities I am seriously exhausted.  This may also explain why I won't be posting any pictures from my big girl camera.  We were literally going in a million different directions, and my iPhone proved to be the easier option.

Like many days lately, this weekend started and ended in the pool.  We were blessed with beautiful weather for nearly every second of this weekend, and we definitely took advantage.

clearly this is the "Summer of Pool Floats" in the Fife household.  Not pictured: giant unicorn and giant swan...

With both the kids and Jordan off of school and work for Good Friday, our weekend started early on Thursday afternoon.

Jordan woke up early on Friday with Holden and took him to therapy giving Isla and I some very appreciated time to sleep in!

That night we headed to one of our best friend Shelby's Birthday parties.  It was a great night out with friends.

I may have the best husband around, because he let me sleep in on Saturday morning as well!!!

That afternoon we headed to some friends in the Spring/Woodlands area for a crawfish boil.

They have an amazing home with a huge backyard so theres tons of room for the kids to run around and play.

Of course our kids took full advantage splitting his time between the pool and the playroom.  As you can see Doc McStuffins was a major hit.  I can't wait to take this kid to Disney again!!!!

The kids even had an early Easter egg hunt

Kudos to Ray and Greg - the crawfish was AMAZING - truly some of the best I've ever had

We headed back towards Katy around dinnertime as we had a swim party at our neighbor Lizet and Aarons.

I think it's safe to say Isla was operating on borrowed time by this point.  She didn't make it much past this photo

That night we got ready for the Easter Bunny's big visit.

The kids were both so tired, Holden from getting up multiple nights around 2am and Isla from staying up so late that they both slept in!

In fact, We had to wake Holden up, and even then he showed absolutely NO interest in hunting for any eggs.  There was some perking up when he saw the candy, but not even that could get him out of his funk.  It took a good hour for him to get back to his normal bouncy self.

Isla didn't mind picking up the slack from her brother and found all the eggs herself.  As I said the weekend started and ended in the pool - even for Teddy!  We came home from the store and found him like this!  I don't think it was intentional as he is NOT a swimmer.  Clearly he didn't notice the steps directly next to him either.  Poor guy...

And here is the aforementioned GIANT unicorn.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends.

We are not slowing down over here - Mimi is coming to visit in just two days!  More to come soon!!!

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