Thursday, October 5, 2017

August One Second Everyday

Summer Part IV

It truly was an amazing Summer.  I've tried to detail the highlights, but I know that theres always stuff I wasn't able to put in here - never fear!  Check back soon for our comprehensive Summer video.


The last trip of the Summer was a very quick trip to Florida with Isla and I to visit my parents.  We worked it out so that my sister Jessie and her kids would be able to join us at the same time.  

Despite having only a couple days (actually, less than 48 hours) to visit - we fit a lot in and made some great memories visiting together.  

This was the second Dylan's Candy Bar that Isla and I stopped at that day...

The first night we got a cake to celebrate my belated birthday.  

Saturday morning we headed over to the Naples Children's Museum.

I LOVE how Isla still enjoys playing make-believe.  She truly has the best imagination.

Gabe and Isla usually get sick of each other pretty quickly, so he was OVERJOYED when he found a room that was restricted to kids 8 and up.  We basically had to pry him out of there when it was time to leave.  

Sami probably had the most interesting pick at the gift shop...

That evening Poppy took his girls on a golf cart ride, and we ended the trip with hibachi and ice-cream.

Although Isla didn't love the food, she was amazed by the show.  

Jessie made clothes for the kids to look like clothes that their Mimi wears.  Family pictures never go as planned, but we were able to snap some with our iPhones where everyone is at least looking at the camera.  Well at least in one of the snaps!  

We were so grateful for the time to share - however short it ended up being.  The only thing missing was my other sister Mandy and her family, and the rest of Jessie and my family.  Next time for sure!!!

Birthday at the Lake

For the past two years we've celebrated mine and one of my best friend Kathy's birthday up at our lake house.  Its a nice way to get away for some adult fun without going too far from our babies.

This time we headed out to Austin Friday night.  We didn't have the whole group as some could only make the one night, but we had an AWESOME time on South Congress and Rainey Street.

The next day the rest of the crew headed up and we spent the day out at the pool and on the lake.

It was the PERFECT way to ring in 36!!!

Sidewalk Chalk Fun

Well... This was fun for Holden.  He promptly dumped ALL the colors and started body painting, finger painting, foot painting - ALL the painting.  Isla - who wanted to stay somewhat clean and create more of a structured masterpiece quickly abandoned ship...

Summer - Most of what we missed

Like I said earlier, theres no way to fully capture our summer and still be present in it, so of course this isn't all encompassing - but it's a pretty good representation of our awesome, busy, amazing, relaxing, fun, active, wet, wild and perfect Summer of 2017

 Back to School

With such a busy Summer under our belts, the first day of School certainly crept up on us and went about as poorly as planned...  Unbeknownst to us Mother Nature was about to deal us two extra weeks of Summer in the form of a storm named Harvey...  More of that to come soon.

Mom's brunch at Local Table after we drop the kids off for the first day has become a bit of a tradition.  This year I'm pretty sure all of Katy showed up.  We could either wait two hours for a table or head over to the Local Bar for some mimosas (which if we're being honest was what we were there for anyways)...

Love this "Bad Mom's" tradition with some of then best Mom's I know!

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