Wednesday, March 29, 2017

February Rundown

February seemed to go by in a flash...  Now that I think about it, so did March.  I can't believe that as I'm typing this, were only three days away from April.

Anyways, as usual February was busy and full of a lot of fun.  Heres a small taste of what we were up to...

Daddy Daughter Dance

The kids school switches off every year, one year it's a Father/Son, Mother/Daughter event, and the next its Father/Daughter, Mother/Son.  This year it was Father/Daughter, and the theme/event was a Barn Dance.

Isla went with her best friend Ella and Niamh, whose Dad was unfortunately out of town for the event.

The girls were excited to ride up to the school in style in Jordan's Chevelle.

shortly after the dance started, I started getting texts from Jordan.  Apparently Isla immediately ditched her date in favor of following some older girls around.  Jordan was happy to play the third wheel with some of our other friends in attendance.

Even though she didn't hang out with her date all that much, the girls and Jordan had a good time.  She finished the night with a sleepover with her best bud.

Blacks BBQ/Austin Half Marathon

The next day we woke up early and headed towards the lake.  Jordan had a half marathon to run in Austin the next day, so it was easiest to stay up at the lake.  Since we only had one night we decided to make the best of it and finish our BBQ tour on the way up.

Last up on the list was Blacks BBQ, and after hearing from others and doing my own research, I was really excited about this one.

This place did not disappoint.  It was absolutely the best brisket I've ever had.  It was absolutely delicious.  Their pork rib, sides and sausage were amazing as well.  I can't wait to get back here.

The next morning Jordan got up bright and early and rocked the Austin half.  So proud of this guy for putting in the work and sticking to it.

Everything Else

The rest of the month was spent with afterschool activities, homework, a couple of adult nights out and more of the day-to-day.

Jordan and Isla also took a trip to Chicago, but I think he'd be able to tell the story of their adventure better than I.  Look for that post to follow!

I tried experimenting with some new lighting in my photos.  Isla was pretty receptive, but Holden wasn't having any of it.

I love these because it shows so much of my sweet girls personality.

My beautiful baby is growing up WAY too fast...

We'll try again with this handsome little grumpster...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

January at the Lake

We found a new favorite hangout, went on hikes, tested out our wetsuits, roasted marshmallows, visited Brenham, stopped at a forgotten Texas town and flew the drone around.  This was January at the lake...

Flat Creek Winery

Our house manager recommended this place to us as it's close to our neighborhood, and a big hit with others in the community.  Having been to Napa multiple times between the two of us, we were skeptical about how great the wine would be.  Fortunately we were very pleasantly surprised, and even ended up buying six bottles to take home.

The atmosphere is great and we were able to enjoy a picnic from the bistro while we sat outside and listened to live music.

the girls were ecstatic to find out that there was a "wine dog".  Bentley is the owners little corgi, and basically roams the grounds all day.  The girls spent their whole afternoon following Bentley around.

Jordan even got some great drone footage of the property.  I can't wait to see what it looks like with full vines!

Tubing in January

As many of you may know, sometimes its very warm in January in Texas.  Unfortunately, on this particular weekend this was not the case.  In fact, the weather reports seemed to keep reporting colder and colder temperatures as we got closer to the weekend.

Nevertheless the kids really wanted to go tubing, and we had these brand new wetsuits to try out.

As we walked down the pier everyone at the marina gave us odd looks - they couldn't believe we were planning on getting in.

For some reason Holden thought I was going to throw him in, which is why he's holding onto me with his legs in a death grip.

Ultimately, Holden and I didn't get in.  But Ella and Isla decided to literally "brave the frigid waters".

Ella did much better, and I think would have stayed in longer if not for Isla.  As soon as she got a little taste of the water she was done.  The boat ride didn't last much longer after that since the girls were wet and being on the boat was the worst place to try and get warm.

Instead we headed to the hottub and warmed up there.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset over the very cold lake.

A Morning Hike

The next morning we woke up and headed out on a hike before heading back toward Katy.


Hiking is tough work, especially for our little princess.  There were a lot of falls and cuts and scrapes to examine...

Holden didn't sleep well the night before and was over the girls antics in the car.  He slept almost the whole way to our first stop; Brenham, Texas.


We started at Must be Heaven, an old-school diner known for their pies.

of course we had to try some of their dessert... after all, this is the home of Blue Bell!

It did not disappoint...

We spent about another hour walking around the town and stopping in stores along the way.  

Winkelmann, Texas

In between Brenham and Katy is what appears to be an abandoned ghost town off the side of the highway.  The sign alerts you that this was once Winkelmann, Texas.  However, we did some digging and found the real story behind Winkelmann - read more by clicking here.

Whatever the history, it was still a spooky place to walk around in.  I didn't want to spend too much time there and shot some photos as quickly as I could.

And thats a snippet of the lake in January... More adventures to come!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Holden - Sedated Dental Work

about four months ago Holden's teachers alerted us to some pain he was having in his teeth.  Using his verbal assistance PEC cards he was able to indicate that he was feeling pain in some of his teeth.  After seeing a dentist for a very quick appointment, we were able to guess that he had at least one cavity.

Holden doesn't tolerate the dentist very well.  Even this short visit only lasted for five minutes, and he was thrashing and screaming the whole time.  Our only option to get this taken care of and get him out of pain was to sedate him.  Unfortunately theres a very long line for this, and we weren't able to get him in until the beginning of 2017.  

We were instructed to get him down to the hospital by 7:30 AM.  Of course there were no liquids after a certain period of time, so we were concerned with his mood, but he did great on the ride down, and was even okay at the beginning of the appointment.  

However,  after almost two hours of waiting, he was over it and ready to get this show on the road...

Jordan was able to go back and hold him while the administered the sedatives - we didn't want him to be scared (although we knew it was impossible not to be), but wanted to make him feel as safe as possible.

The doctors assured us he'd be out in a breath, but it took Holden nearly three full breaths to finally fall asleep.  Poor boy was as stubborn as ever.

After about 45 minutes we were called back to recovery and waited for him to wake up.

He looked so beautiful and peaceful sleeping there.  When he woke up that was a bit of a different story.  Once he got home he was much more comfortable.  And although a little off all weekend, he bounced back pretty quickly.

Sleeping routines were off  - as was expected...

The dentist found two cavities  - one in an irregular tooth, which he told us would be a cavity no matter what we did - it just didn't grow correctly.  They took X-rays and did all the necessary things that he wouldn't allow while conscious.

He now sports two shiny caps on his cute little baby teeth.

I hope it's a while before we have to do this again - but all in all, he did very well, and we were very proud of our brave little boy.

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