Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Eight and a Half Days...

I'm not going to lie... I'm sort of freaking out.  The kids have exactly eight and a half more days of school.  Eight and a half more days of packing lunches and helping with homework, eight and a half more days to schedule all the appointments I've been putting off, finish any last minute projects and plan for a Summer that we hope to make even better than last.

Don't get me wrong - I am excited for Summer.  Actually more excited than I've been in a while.  There have been past Summer's that I've been a bit apprehensive; how was I going to entertain these kids all day long?  I know that Isla can and should entertain herself sometimes, but that's not always a possibility with Holden.  How was I going to keep my house clean?  How was I going to be in two places at once?  How was I going to maintain some semblance of a routine without going crazy?

This year however, feels totally different - Holden's become so much more independent and his ability to communicate through different avenues (more on that later), has brought his frustration levels down considerably.  Isla has a lot of new and exciting camps, and we have some great family AND couples trips planned.

It's just that its so soon.  As a self titled "planner" I like to have things done, checked off my list - and unfortunately that list is still pretty long.

So in the interest of saving precious time while still recording our lives over the past couple of months, I give you a: "What We've Been up to According to Instagram" post.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bluebonnets, Strawberries, Fountains and Bats - A Typical Weekend up in the Hill Country

Side of the road on the way to the lake - Somewhere in Brenham, Texas...

Sweet Berry Farms - Marble Falls, Texas

Zilker Park - Austin, Texas

South Congress "Bat Bridge" - Austin, Texas

disclaimer: we weren't able to actually see the bats, it started getting too late, and after a very long day of strawberries, bike riding and fountains Holden was just too tired.  However, we are dying to see the largest migration of Mexican bats - so stay tuned!

Hawkins to the Lake

A couple weeks ago we had one of our first friends when we moved to Katy up to the lake.  They are looking to buy up at Lake Travis and we were excited to show them the Hollows.  We had a fabulous weekend with some great friends and can't wait for the next time we can get up there together - hopefully as neighbors!!!

Anna and Olivia are some of the sweetest little kids I know and Holden had just as much a friend in Olivia that weekend as Isla did in Anna.  Watching Olivia and Holden together truly melted my heart.

Inks Lake State Park // Blue Bell Creamery

This past Summer Isla and Jordan took a trip to Marble Falls (about 45 minutes away from our lake house) and went camping at Inks Lake State Park.   Holden and I didn't make the trip so we decided to go visit and take a couple hikes.  If you are in the area I highly recommend it for camping or a day hike.  The park offers all this as well as Devils Hole - a swimming spot popular in the Summer.  On this day it was just too cold for us to swim, even though we did see quite a few people with their swimsuits on.

Blue Bell Creamery

"Ice Cream" in Texas is synonymous with Blue Bell.  Like bluebonnets, longhorns, The Alamo and cowboys Blue Bell ice cream is a state treasure.  When there was a listeria outbreak a couple years ago, people were literally praying for Blue Bell... yeah...

Anyways, theres a creamery on the way to the lake, but unfortunately they aren't open on the weekends so we haven't had a lot of chances to visit.  On this trip we were coming home on a Monday, so we made a point of adding Blue Bell to our list of weekend "to-do's".  We pulled onto South Blue Bell Road in Brenham 10 minutes before the last tour.  The kids enjoyed watching them make and package the infamous ice cream, but preferred eating it, even more.

We waited in line to take this picture.  While other families walked calmly up and stood next to the statue, our kids ran over, Holden with his pants half down and Isla making a beeline to milk the cow.  Needless to say we provided a bit of entertainment to those waiting in line behind us.  

For anyone passing through Brenham, Texas - ON A WEEKDAY I highly recommend a stop at Blue Bell Creamery.  It's a fun way to spend an hour or so, and you can't beat the $1 servings of ice cream.

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