Friday, February 9, 2018

The Lake and our Active Weekends

One of the many things that we love about going to the lake is ALL the outdoor activities.  The possibilities seem endless.  While Houston has its major points, outdoor activities aren't nearly as high on the list as they are in the Hill Country.

From bike riding, to hikes to swimming and boating we've been exploring it all.

McKinney Falls

Of course our little fishy had to get in.  Luckily we brought a change of clothes.  

 It's not always sweet, but when it is - its ADORABLE (see above and below...)

"Old Baldy" one of the oldest bald cypress trees on Texas public land.

River Place Nature Trail

Sometimes you have to get a little creative to motivate Isla for a hike.  Scavenger hunt or no scavenger hunt, she always ends up having a great time.

After this particular hike we decided to go for some BBQ.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the strip mall that this BBQ joint was located in was actually the Emporium setting for Dazed and Confused.  

Soaking sore muscles in the hot tub.

After a bike ride through a park downtown we found this playground.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Christmas 2017

Christmas is always a crazy busy time of year for us and this year was no different.  We jumped right into the festivities as soon as I got back home from Nashville.  It was the start of the kids Christmas break, and what better way to kick it off than meeting Santa at a friends house.

Both kids were super excited to see the big guy and not at all apprehensive as they have been in years past.

My friend Cele put on a great morning with ornament making, cookie decorating and even mimosas for the Mom's!

After Santa we headed over to We Rock the Spectrum to keep the first-day-of-break fun going.

Later on that evening Jordan surprised Isla with an "Elf" movie party at the Alamo Drafthouse.

There was a competition at the beginning and Jordan and Isla WON!

The break was filled with fun times with friends...

Annual Adult/Kids Gift Exchange at the Alleys

Game Night with the Gaysers

Quenisha's Christmas Shrimp Boil

Christmas Eve toast at the Kennedys and BBQ Dinner at the Perkins

and relaxing times with family...

Bike ride through the Heights

Midweek Lunch at Big Paulies

There was only a small bit of drama when the trampoline that was supposed to arrive WEEKS before Christmas Day finally admitted on Christmas Eve that it would not be here in time.

This was Holden's biggest present and I was heartbroken that I wouldn't get to see his happy face on Christmas morning.... Craigslist to the RESCUE!

We found a guy in Houston selling trampolines - AND at half the cost.  Granted, it wasn't as nice as the one I had picked out, but the size we needed was hard to find.  I was concerned, but once we put it together I realized I had nothing to worry about.  It worked great, and fit in the spot perfectly.

Christmas was a success!  We spent the morning opening presents and eating cinnamon rolls before heading over to the Lennon's for our Annual Christmas celebration.  We ended the evening with drinks, dessert and games at our house.

To be clear... It wasn't all butterflies and rainbows.  Heres a picture of the bunch of bananas Holden threw around the house one morning...

I hope you all had a wonderful and relatively stress-free Christmas surrounded by loved ones!

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