Thursday, October 27, 2016

St. Peters Pumpkin Patch - A Five Year Tradition

For the past five years we've been getting our pumpkins at the same place - St. Peters Pumpkin Patch.  I like it because after five years, I've found the perfect light and way to photograph our kids without a million people in the background.  Our kids like it because they get to run around and pick out pumpkins.  If Isla could, she'd buy the whole patch.  Jordan doesn't love it because of the overpriced pumpkins, but he's a good sport and plays along for the three of us.

 I can't believe how old my babies look - especially when I compare them to past photos here (2015) and here (2014) and here (2013) and finally here (2012).   These past posts also illustrate why I no longer ask the kids to pose for photos together...

I hope everyones enjoying their Fall!  We are super busy over here gearing up for our annual Halloween party.  Also, it's Pack-A-Thon week at school, Jordan's a Watch Dog, theres a School Character Parade and Trick or Treat.  Lots more to come from the Fife Family - so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Napa Valley

As many of you may know, Jordan takes a trip to Napa every year with work.  Of course every year I am insanely jealous.  Last year my friend Nicole and I went for our annual girls trip - I loved it so much and was beyond excited when we were offered a free hotel room for the weekend.  So, as you can see - there was literally NO WAY we could pass this up.

I was even more excited when I read about how popular this time of year was.  This is grape harvesting season, and therefore the most visited time in Napa.  The leaves are changing and the weather is absolutely perfect!  

We took an early flight to Sacramento, and arrived around noon.  We headed straight for Sonoma to make the most of our short two days there.  

We visited a tasting room, and had a quick lunch at the cheese factory.

As you can see it was an absolutely beautiful day.

While Jordan checked in at the hotel, I went outside to play with my low density filter.

That night we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Bouchon.  After trying for a full day to get into French Laundry on the exact 30-day-out mark we were a little discouraged, but our meal at Bouchon totally made up for all that.  It was a perfect dinner with amazing service, a beautiful atmosphere and of course the best company.  We couldn't have asked for anything more.

After dinner we walked down the street to a dive bar and had a fun game of pool with some locals.

It was a really fun night, and we were home early enough for our day full of wineries and tours the next morning.

Downtown Napa (Jordan's run)

Pine Ridge 

We started the tours out at Pine Ridge Vineyards.  This was the only winery that we planned to have a guided tour through, and it was a good choice.  Our tour guide "Buddy" was awesome, and the tour was quick but totally encompassing.  We started in the vineyards, headed to the cellars, had a seated tasting in a really cool wine cave and then finished at the tasting room bar.

The wines were fabulous, and it was a perfect way to start out our day.

The day started pretty cold, which was actually kinda nice since it's not something we're used to at all in Katy, Texas.  The other amazing part of the area was all the Fall colors.  It was absolutely beautiful, and if you can get to Napa in October, I highly recommend it!



Domaine Carneros

Dinner at Bistro Don Giovanni

At the edge of the parking lot was a crop of Dariush's vines

It was such a wonderful trip.  We met some great people and saw some beautiful things - and the best part?  We got to do it together...

A HUGE thanks goes out to Amit and Arpita Bhandari, and the best babysitter ever - we are so grateful to have Becca to watch the kids and keep us worry free!

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